5 Common Errors Faced by Webroot User

5 Common Errors Faced by Webroot User

Webroot is popular antivirus software that provides holistic security to the system. Being lightweight and providing phenomenal network security makes it renowned in the antivirus field. Once you are done with Webroot Antivirus Setup, you can anytime make the changes in the setup to suit your needs. Webroot is instilled with an effective detection tool that scans and removes any malicious software from the system. No doubt Webroot is an amazing antivirus,

but it may encounter some issues. Given below are 5 common Webroot errors faced by users.

5 Common Errors Faced by Webroot User

Webroot Antivirus installation error

Webroot installation error usually stems when a corrupt file is installed on the system. To evade this error, ensure that your system specifications meet the system specifications mentioned by Webroot. If there is a disparity between the two, installation error may occur. If you have downloaded a corrupt setup, it is advisable to reach Webroot technical support for the resolution of this error.

Webroot error code 21

One of the prevalent causes of Webroot error 21 is corrupt Windows files. It is recommended to restore the corrupt files as soon as possible. Windows File checker tool can be used for the same. To use it follow these steps:

  • Open the start menu and enter Command in the search prompt.
  • Or you could press Cntrl and Shift keys, followed by the enter key.
  • In the command prompt, type sfc/scannow.
  • Once the scan is over, the system will notify the corrupt files and rectify them.

This shall resolve error 21 of Webroot.

Webroot Error 339

When the error code 339 on Webroot emerges, the devices like mouse and keyboard shall start responding lately. This error pertains to a malware attack. To resolve this error, evoke a complete virus and malware scan and remove any such programs that may harm the system.

Webroot Error 100

The Webroot 100 error occurs when there is a conflicting program with the Webroot. The way to mitigate this error is by detecting any program that may not be compatible with Webroot and remove them. You can uninstall the programs through the Control Panel console. After any such program is removed, check whether the issue is fixed or not.

Webroot unable to scan error

This error occurs when Webroot becomes obsolete. Open the Webroot wizard and look for any new updates. Also, confirm if any Webroot files are corrupt. If yes, then uninstall Webroot and re-install them.

If you are bugged by any Webroot issue, please reach us on our Webroot Antivirus Customer Support Number. I hope this helps!

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