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Safeguard Your Device with Complete Antivirus Solutions and Customer Support

In today's time when everything is based on our devices and the internet, it is important to protect ourselves and our devices from the threats of malware and viruses. Malware can be defined as any application or file that is intended to cause you harm. So to ensure all dangers are at bay, it is important to install a sturdy antivirus to protect your system from harmful threats.

The best internet security software provides an extensive spectrum of protection for your online safety as well as devices. While important virus protection is always the base characteristic, other antivirus software packages might incl feature like privacy elements, additional encryption tools like a VPN, recovery disks, and even password managers. There are numerous online antivirus software available for those needing the best feasible safety.

And it's not limited to desktops and laptops that can incur the benefits of antivirus security. There are internet security suites that ensure protection to apps for Android and iPhone smartphones. They protect many devices (usually five or more), you can safeguard all the devices belonging to you and your family in one potent plan- Windows and Macs both included.

While these internet security suites are normally intended for domestic use, but please note these services are specifically crafted for businesses too, such as secure cloud backup and endpoint protection to offer business-level safety.

Features of an Antivirus

anti malware


Advanced anti-malware engine blocks all the malicious software system and protects your pc from damage caused by them.

anti ransomware


Anti-ransomware feature protects your system from ransomware and recovers the infected files.



Get take pleasure in antivirus protection on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphones.

anti adware


Anti-adware feature scans and removes the malicious adware, cookies and unwanted applications from your pc.

real time protection

Real-Time Protection

Real-time protection monitors your device all the time and scans your files, installs and executables for viruses anytime once you transfer or run them.

remote firewall

Remote Firewall

Remote firewall helps you to achieve remote access to your device’s firewall settings and permits you to dam or unblock affiliation requests.

safe site

Safe Site

Safe web site analyzes your browsing sites and blocks phishing or spoofed sites. Phishing sites area unit those sites that seem like real websites and steal your personal information.

anti spyware


Anti-spyware feature detects and removes the unwanted spyware programs from your pc. Spyware programs area unit people who collect your crucial info and take money take pleasure in them.

genral antivirus related issues

General Antivirus Related Problems You Face

  • Antivirus stops operating or Antivirus not opening.
  • Antivirus unmitigated.
  • Antivirus showing terminated.
  • Antivirus missing from desktop software.
  • Antivirus not scanning.
  • Antivirus not performing on windows 11, 10, 7, 8 or 8.1 or MAC.
  • Antivirus not change or unable to renew.

We've associate skilled technician for each single Antivirus related error. though Antivirus installation isn't a troublesome task, nonetheless you'll need external facilitate once you need to piece the settings of your software suite & you've got zero technical ideas. If you're facing any of those problems together with your Antivirus Software, then contact Antivirus technical support team instantly.

Common Technical Errors with Antivirus Software

If your Antivirus is making issues time and once more, then you wish a reliable Antivirus Support number. Our Antivirus vary of services is obtainable for general & fatal problems like:

  • Antivirus activation fails or product key not obtaining accepted
  • Installation/Uninstallation Error
  • Antivirus software complexities and compatibility problems
  • Software Maintenance support for Antivirus
  • Antivirus Subscription, up gradation & Renewal
  • Removing third party antivirus merchandise
  • How to install Antivirus from CD
  • How to update Antivirus offline
  • Diagnosis of faults associated with any antivirus software
common technical errors with antivirus software

Why You Choose Antivirus Security Software

Ransomeware is one among the foremost different types of malware. this kind of malware is troublesome to discover and virtually not possible to rectify. It restricts entry to the files keep in your disk drive or blocks your laptop entirely. the sole resolution is to format your entire disk, which suggests your information are lost forever. it's no surprise that business house owners prefer to pay an amazing quantity of cash to scammers in exchange for a foreign chance to revive their lost information. the sole thanks to avoid this downside is to use reliable antivirus software for your laptop.

Your number of credit cards & bank accounts, passwords and industrial sensitive details ought to be out of reach of hackers. Meanwhile, Spyware is one among the foremost refined malware forms that steal your information. So, it'd be higher to pay cash on antivirus then losing cash due to carelessness.

It is noticeable that emails square measure a typical suggests that for viruses and Trojans transfer. Trojans operate within your OS, harm your vital files and permits swindlers to access your laptop. fashionable viruses square measure typically disguised as harmless pictures, text files and links. Your pc with loads of lead can get infected in exactly one click. smart antivirus scans the incoming letters and attachments mechanically and warns you regarding the suspicious files.

If you purchase a home edition of associate antivirus, it'll offer you facility of connecting up to 3-5 devices underneath one license. it's appropriate for you if you would like to attach multiple devices that embody windows computers, golem tabs, MAC laptops then on underneath one license.

This is vital for those those who square measure an area of e-commerce. If you run a business on-line, settle for on-line payment or store any delicate info on-line, then it's vital for you to possess a reliable antivirus. a decent antivirus creates a secure atmosphere. Also, it detects and blocks phishing and dishonest sites on time.

The primary operate of antivirus is detective work and neutralizing the malware beside periodic scanning for potential threats. However, you may additionally realize some additional helpful options in antivirus pack, which are:

  • File device
  • Firewall
  • Password Manager
  • Ad Blocker
  • Anti-spam filter
  • USB Scanning
Given below are some of the best antivirus softwares that shall protect your system and keep threats at bay.

AVG AntiVirus (previously known as AVG, short form for Anti-Virus Guard) is a chain of antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies, an associate of Avast. It is functional for Windows, macOS, and Android. AVG has most of the widespread advantages available in contemporary antivirus and Internet security applications, containing systematic scans, scrutiny of sent and received emails, the proficiency to mend some files infected with malware or virus, and a virus vault where compromised files are kept. One another notable feature of AVG is AVG online shield. This characteristic is formulated to survey files and guarantee that they are safe. AVG Online Shield also assures the security of exchanging files via messengers and VoIP platforms.

ESET is a Slovak internet security corporation that manufactures anti-virus and firewall commodities. ESET items encompass methods for Smart safety, Internet protection, NOD32 Antivirus, Cyber protection, and Endpoint Security for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. It is also infused with Anti-Theft, Encryption, and Parental Control. It also has some in-built plugins for Kaseya RMM and LabTech RMM. It comes with a Remote Administrator as well. This antivirus software is formulated to permit network administrators to organize ESET software across a corporate web. Eset also offers free of cost SysRescue Live feature that is based on Linux and is used to clean heavily compromised systems.

VIPRE Email Security, (also known as VIPRE or VIPRE Security) is a firm popular for manufacturing cybersecurity items directed on the endpoint and email safety along with developed threat intelligence properties. Vipre comes at a price tag that is cheaper as compared to its counterparts. Vipre offers a good and sturdy scan and offers decent protection of the system. Vipre comes with 3 types of scans namely Quick, Full, and Custom scans. On average, Vipre took 100 minutes to finish a full scan. Real-time protection is effective in detecting and removing any lurking threat at any given moment. It also comes with a Secure File Eraser feature that completely eradicates a file from the system.

Avast Antivirus is a group of cross-platform internet safety software formulated by Avast suitable for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Avast applications include features of computer and internet security, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, anti-spam, protection from virus and malware, and a lot of other features. Avast is included among the best antivirus in the world. It provides good protection and comes with 2 variants - free and paid. While the free version may have a lot of features but protection from ransomware comes with the paid variant. Avast antivirus software is one of the simplest applications to use. Also getting the free version is rather too easy. To get its free version, you have to click on the green Sign up button, present on various web pages. Once you click on it, it’ll automatically start downloading the software onto your system. And this way, you can invoke the free version of Avast.

McAfee Corp. earlier known as McAfee Associates, Inc. is a US-based firm renowned for its antivirus solutions. McAfee mainly creates digital security solutions for personal computers and server devices and has recently extended them to mobile devices. McAfee is a phenomenal antivirus and worth the purchase. It gives a thorough security suite that will protect your computer from malware and other online dangers. It is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS and also offers the McAfee LiveSafe plan, where an unlimited number of personal devices can be protected with the McAfee application. It is infused with a number of features and finds a place among the top antivirus.

Norton is considered one of the best antiviruses as it provides 100% immunity against all kinds of malware. It is also loaded with a lot of incredible security features, involving parental controls, cloud backup, and VPN. Norton’s anti-malware engine is based on machine learning and advanced heuristics which consistently revises the malware directory to recognize malware — from viruses and worms to developed malware like ransomware and spyware. It is infused with several other features like the firewall, Anti-phishing protection, Parental controls, Secure VPN (a virtual private network), Cloud backup, Privacy protection, Webcam protection (Windows only), and a lot more.

Webroot antivirus software comes in three Webroot SecureAnywhere packages. While its introductory price may be a bit hiked up, but the renewal rate of Webroot is lower, especially if you take up the multiyear plan. All of Webroot's software include safeguarding from malware, such as viruses, ransomware, phishing, keyloggers (who seep into your Wi-Fi to survey your keyboard presses), and spyware. Webroot also comes with a firewall, a network protection monitor, and webcam security. It employs cloud-based machine learning and provides decent protection. It comes with real-time protection that runs in the background and detects and removes any harmful malware.

Bitdefender is a Romanian antivirus and security firm. Bitdefender manufactures and delivers cybersecurity commodities and services, comprising endpoint protection, cloud, and managed safety, antivirus software, and IoT protection. Bitdefender Total Security is the primary antivirus software and is one of the best antivirus software across the globe that comes in various variants suitable for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Bitdefender has also launched Bitdefender BOX that provides safety solutions to homes based on IoT. Another product is the Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection that monitors probable Identity theft. Alerts allow customers to alter passwords and protect accounts in the case of a data breach.

TotalAV is a safe, secure, and amazing antivirus that delivers a potent malware scanner, decent web security elements, and numerous data privacy protections, all wrapped in an easy-to-use application. It has a good malware detection rate and comes with several features including Real-time protection, anti-phishing feature, system clean-up, VPN (a virtual private network), Password manager, Data breach, and Identity theft detection. It comes at a reasonable rate and also has a free trial period. TotalAV provides 4 types of scan:

  • Quick Scan for temporary files
  • System Scan for scanning the entire system.
  • Smart Scan for junk files and tracking cookies.
  • Custom Scan for a particular file or folder, or the entire disk.

Antivirus Customer Support Helpdesk

Our antivirus support helpdesk is obtainable 24/7 and can solve all of your antivirus related problems as early as potential.

Antivirus customer support team can support you thru emails, live chat, phone, FAQs and tutorial. we are going to offer you with any info relating to antivirus support for MAC and Windows operating system.

antivirus customer support

Issues Solved By Antivirus Support Helpdesk

  • Configuring the Antivirus
  • Virus Removal
  • Setting up Antivirus
  • Scanning and cleaning virus, malware and spyware from desktop, Laptop, and Tablet
  • Upgrade security software
  • Fix slow computer problem
  • Issues while installing and uninstalling the antivirus
  • Product key errors
  • Issues related to configuration settings

Our Online Support For Antivirus Include:

  • Troubleshoot and Repair Antivirus Installation Issues
  • Help Login to your Antivirus account or produce associate account if you're a brand new user.
  • Configure Antivirus security settings for higher level of protection.
  • Activate Antivirus retail card
  • Removal of Spywares & Malware from your computer by Real time Antivirus Scanning.
  • Update your PC software for brand new options and latest free Antivirus software package suite.
  • Removal of unnecessary addons and conflicting programs.
  • PC Speed Optimization for faster computing & experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Antivirus compares the bits of any software to the info in its database. If the bits are duplicate, then the software is deemed as an epidemic and therefore the virus is either removed or quarantined.

The VPN helps you hide your information by encrypting it when sent from network. Whereas an antivirus keeps the malware and cyber attack faraway from your device. Both help in protecting the knowledge and device by keeping it faraway from attacks, but antivirus works at device level and VPN works at network level.

When an antivirus detects any threats, malware or virus, it prevents the system by either deleting the threat or quarantining it.

The antivirus has particular codes in its database concerning a specific virus. When the antivirus detects a code within the software almost like its database, it's considered a malware.

As per the ratings in 2021, the simplest antivirus software are Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Webroot, Trend Micro, Norton, ESET, AVG Technologies,F-Secure.

You can choose between Norton 360, Windows Defender, McAfee Total Protection, BitDefender, to call a couple of . Depending on your budget and requirements, you'll make the selection.

If you don't have antivirus, you could do as following:

  • you've got Windows Defender, switch it on.
  • Update your windows.
  • Remove programs and browser extensions not required.
  • You can also use System and Maintenance window from Control Panel.

Yes, the antivirus is potent enough to find any existing virus and even remove them. High rated antivirus can detect quite 95% of the prevailing viruses.

Although WannaCry ransomware majorly attacked Windows 7, yet antivirus can prevent Windows 7. Some internet security software for Windows 7 are Avira, AVG, BitDefender, Panda and Kaspersky.

The reasons why antivirus is taken into account bad is because it occupies large memory heaps, and may also attach itself to varied software within the system, like browser, OS kernel or processor. This attachment may indeed make the system more vulnerable to virus attacks.

Yes there's some antivirus specially designed for Windows XP. These include BullGuard, Panda Security, Kaspersky Lab, and Avast. They can be free or accompany a price, counting on the version.

No the antivirus might not be ready to detect key loggers. Custom written malware or key loggers usually features a unique code, which may be undetectable by the antivirus which can detect the common code.

Although antivirus is primarily designed to stop virus from entering the system, some antivirus have the power to prevent and take away the already entered malware.

Antivirus can protect many ransomware from entering the system, but once the ransom ware enters the system, antivirus cannot stop it. Ransomware work differently as compared to conventional viruses, as ransomware controls the important files by encrypting them.

Antivirus helps in detecting, preventing and taking action against malicious programs. No matter what proportion vigilant you're , viruses or malicious programs can enter the system. In order to tackle them you would like antivirus software.

Crack tools by definition are considered viruses. Cracks are designed to modify the program so that they are unable to do the specific task. They change the registration status, remove verification files, and do everything in order to hinder the assigned tasks.

Computers are at a continuing risk of being attacked by new viruses. The antivirus updates contain latest files that can help tackle the threat of new viruses- by detecting and removing them.

Antivirus is used to keep malicious activities at bay. They are designed to detect, prevent and take away malware or virus from entering the system.

Antivirus helps in detecting, preventing and taking action against malicious software. No matter what proportion vigilant you're , viruses or malicious programs can enter the system. In order to errors them you need an antivirus software.

Antivirus is required to take care of the safety and functionality of the system. Computers are at a fixed threat of being attacked by viruses; antivirus protect the virus from causing havoc in the system.

Some of the best pc security software to settle on from for your laptop include are Norton 360, Windows Defender, McAfee Total Protection, BitDefender.

Some of the great antivirus to settle on from for your laptop include are Norton 360, Windows Defender, McAfee Total Protection, BitDefender.