How To Fix Webroot Antivirus Login Problem

How To Fix Webroot Antivirus Login Problem

Webroot has established itself as potent antivirus software. The overall protection plus affordable price makes it an ideal choice for users globally. If you are a Webroot Antivirus user and are facing issues while logging in to your account, you needn’t worry. This blog shall describe ways about how to resolve the Webroot Login problem.

How To Fix Webroot Antivirus Login Problem

Causes for Webroot Antivirus Login issue

Causes for Webroot Login issue
There is a myriad of causes that might result in the log-in issue. They include:
● Expired account
● Wrong login credentials
● Incorrect password
● Permission error
No matter what the cause of your issue is, we have ways to overhaul the login glitch in Webroot.

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Ways to resolve the login error in Webroot

  1. Changing or recovering the password
    Wrong credentials would prevent you from using your Webroot account. To fix an issue owing to wrong credentials, do as follows:
    ● Navigate to and tap on Forgot password option.
    ● You will be redirected to a page having 2 options: “I forgot my password” and “I forgot my Security code”. Select the first option.
    ● You will be asked to enter your email ID and phone number.
    ● Click Submit.How to Fix Webroot Login Problem
    ● You shall receive a link to reset your password and the concerning procedure.
  2. Re-activating the account
    Chances are if you haven’t used a Webroot account for a long time, you may not be able to log in. Also, if your subscription expires, the same would be the result. The solution to this issue is to purchase the Webroot subscription. Once the purchase is complete, you will be able to log in to your account.
  3. Fix permission issue
    There might be a glitch in the permission settings which might cause this issue. To resolve it,
    ● Sign in to your Webroot account.
    ● Adjacent to your email address, there is a drop-down menu, click it.
    ● Select Manage Users.
    ● Click on Edit user Details/Permissions.
    ● Navigate to the Access and Permissions window and confirm if the backups and password option is checked.
    ● Confirm whether the “PC Security Console” and the “Secure Anywhere Console” have admin permissions.
    ● Select the devices where you would want to access the Webroot account and save the changes

The above procedures shall be effective in mitigating the issue. If you want any further assistance, reach out to our Webroot Antivirus Customer Support Phone Number. (806) 304-3832. I hope this helps!

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