How to Activate, install or Disable webroot secureanywhere antivirus

How to activate, install or disable Webroot secureanywhere antivirus

It is our duty to protect our systems against malicious software and programs that have the propensity to cause harm to our system. This safeguarding is done by antivirus software. One such renowned antivirus which provides robust protection is Webroot Secureanywhere antivirus.

Okay, we have talked about Webroot, but how to download Webroot onto a new computer? Or how to install Webroot on Windows 10? If you have similar queries, don’t worry. This article shall throw light on ways how to activate, install or disable Webroot antivirus. Read further to know comprehensive ways for these procedures.

How to activate the Webroot antivirus

How to activate the Webroot antivirus
  • In order to activate Webroot antivirus, navigate to and download Webroot.
  • Complete the installation procedure.
  • Once done, navigate to and tap on the link activation.
  • Enter the 20 people key code, refraining from the usage of hyphens.
  • Tap on Activate button and follow the succeeding procedure.
  • Let Webroot scan your desktop for any threats and congrats, you have activated Webroot.

How to download Webroot antivirus on an iPhone

  • Navigate to and tap Sign up now to create a new account.
  • Visit the App Store on your iPhone and look for “Webroot SecureWeb.” Install the app.
  • Type your apple password. The application shall install on your phone. Voila, you are all set to use Webroot on your iPhone. In case, there is any difficulty, feel free to dial our antivirus support number.

How do I stop the Webroot antivirus pop-ups

The annoying pop-ups can emerge as they are pre-installed with the software. They serve to detect any threats. If you wish to stop those pop-ups, in your browser, navigate to settings/tools. Tap on internet options, followed by Privacy. Select the turn on the pop-up blocker and apply the changes to stop pop-ups.

How do I install Webroot SecureAnywhere on my computer?

Before starting the initialization process, it is important to verify whether the system requirements match your system specifications. Keep in hand the Webroot secureanywhere antivirus key and also confirm whether the computer is connected to the internet.

  • Download the Webroot console either through the net or by inserting the CD.
  • The Webroot installer dialogue may appear, enter the key code.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and click on Agree. You can also choose the language.
  • Complete the procedure to install this antivirus on your system.

How to disable webroot antivirus

  • Find the SecureAnywhere icon in your system
  • Right-click on the icon and choose Shut down Protection.
  • Confirm when the prompt appears.
  • You might even have to enter CAPTCHA characters.
  • This shall initiate the disabling procedure.

I hope this article provided useful solutions to all the procedures related to Webroot. In case there is any ambiguity or you need further clarification feel free to reach us on our Webroot Secureanywhere support number.

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Webroot secureanywhere antivirus
Webroot Inc. is a cybersecurity software company based in the USA, that delivers Internet security for customers and businesses.
Yes, it is a good software providing essential protection at a low price. So if you are looking for decent antivirus at a nominal price, then you can surely try Webroot.
The Webroot 24/7 technical support phone number is (806) 542-0999.
The Webroot Filtering extension is a browser feature that safeguards your computer while you are online. When looking for websites, it will exhibit symbols next to search results, called annotations, which demonstrate how safe or harmful a site is.

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