Remove Microsoft edge from windows 10
Microsoft Edge

3 Methods to Remove Microsoft Edge Browser from Windows 10

Remove Microsoft Edge Browser from Windows 10

Microsoft Edge, based on Google Chrome, is one of the latest browsers intended to create its spot among the top browsers. Some Edge users have commended this browser for its interface, simplicity, ease, security, and several other features. Whereas, some users find Edge not fast and lacking integral features, wanting to Remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 10. Edge is an embedded browser and removing it from the system can be a little tricky. Even if you don’t use it, you will still be prompted by a ‘Restore recommended‘ warning. Nonetheless, uninstalling it is quite possible.

Given below is a comprehensive guide on how to Remove Microsoft Edge Windows 10. Follow those steps and Microsoft edge would be removed.

Methods to Uninstall Microsoft Edge Browser from Windows 10

Method 1: Removing Microsoft Edge by PowerShell Utility

If you wish to uninstall Microsoft Edge completely, PowerShell is one of the best retorts. Please note that this procedure may not be 100% effective. In the majority of cases, this procedure is effective for the archaic versions of Microsoft Edge. You can also face some issues if you try utilizing a system characteristic or software that works on Edge.

  • In the taskbar, look for PowerShell, then choose the required option from the list. Thereafter, right-tap on the PowerShell option, then select ‘Run as Administrator.’ Once the PowerShell console opens, look for get-appxpackage to locate all the installed system files for Edge on your device.
  • To make the list convenient, you can bifurcate the information by the PackageFullName option. Make it a point to pen down the PackageFullName info that is related to the Microsoft Edge package. To ward off the Edge package from your PC, enter the string ‘remove appxpackage.’ Move to the next step and enter the PackageFullName value, followed by hitting the ‘enter.’
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Method 2: Windows File Explorer to Disable Microsoft Edge

If you are still unable to remove Microsoft edge, the security features of Windows may be the probable cause for it. Windows is keen to safeguard the vital system files and characteristics, making it hard to uninstall Edge. Therefore, you can try disabling it using Windows Explorer. This is effective if you rename the folder that has the browser by employing the Windows File Explorer. For executing it, do as follows:

  • Navigate to File Explorer and select the driver that contains Windows 10. Thereafter, find the Microsoft Edge folder and right-tap to select properties. Visit the folder again and choose the ‘Rename’ option.
  • You can rename the folder as you wish. However, we recommend adding the term ‘OLD’ in the new folder name. Using the term ‘OLD’ can be helpful if you encounter problems with your PC and have to restore the file.
  • You will witness a UAC console on your PC’s screen to verify if you wish to go ahead with the renaming steps. Follow those steps and tap ‘Yes’ to confirm the modifications.
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Method 3: Removing Microsoft Edge Using Third-Party Tools

You can also utilize third-party applications or External Software like Revo and IObit, to eradicate Microsoft Edge. These applications won’t impact the performance of your PC, which may not be the case with other procedures. If you wish to go ahead with how to uninstall Microsoft edge windows 10,  you can try the following:

  • IObit Uninstaller: While utilizing this software, choose the Edge application on the selection menu, hit the uninstall button, present in the top menu, or use the trash button present on the right side. A pop-up option shall appear to verify the uninstall procedure.
  • Revo Uninstaller: First, close all Microsoft Edge browser windows, then open the Revo uninstaller. From the entire list, select Microsoft Edge, then hit uninstall on the top side. Verify ‘restore point creation’ to start the procedure. You can also look for the remaining files and other remnants as the last step.

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Frequently Ask Question

You can uninstall Microsoft edge by utilizing the power shell utility or by windows explorer console. In case if these procedures don't work, try using third-party applications.
Yes, you can. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and it can eradicate Edge without causing any harm to your PC.
Edge is based on Chrome and is a browser that Microsoft vouches for. In such a case, uninstalling Edge from windows can get a little tricky.
You can do so by using the Windows explorer console. Navigate to File Explorer and select the driver that contains Windows 10. Thereafter, find the Microsoft Edge folder and right-tap to select properties. Visit the folder again and choose the ‘Rename’ option. Follow the screen commands to permanently disable it.
It is a part of OS, so you can not completely delete it. However, you can disable it.

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