Norton VPN Not Working- Fix Connecting Problem or Norton VPN Stopped
Norton Antivirus

Norton VPN Not Working- Fix Connecting Problem or Norton VPN Stopped

Norton security needs no introduction. It is considered a world-class security console that is instilled with numerous features to provide you with holistic protection. You can use Norton to protect your IP address, safeguard traffic, and disguise your identity while surfing the net. Just like every console is bound to encounter issues, Norton is no different. Users complain of encountering issues while using Norton. If you are facing Norton VPN Not Working, then this blog is here to help you.

How do I Fix Norton Secure VPN if it Stopped Working?

Fix 1: Inspect Your Internet Connection to Fix Norton VPN Not Working

The major issue for Norton VPN Stopped error is the fact of not having a proper network. You can try turning off your router and switching it on again. Also, execute a speed test to check the network strength.

Norton VPN Not Working - Network Issue

Fix 2: Change Firewall Settings

At times, your firewall settings might hinder the operations of Norton.

  • Tap the Win key, enter firewall, and choose Firewall & network protection
  • Select Allow an app through the firewall option
  • Choose Change settings
  • Locate Norton Secure VPN on this list and choose the Private and Public options

This shall change your firewall settings and help you access Norton without issues.

Norton VPN Not Working - Firewall issue

Fix 3: Update Norton

At times, Norton VPN Connecting Problem can emerge due to obsolete version of Norton. Just update your suite to the latest version and this shall fix the issue.

Norton VPN Not Working - Restart VPN

Fix 4: Modify Your DNS Settings

  • Tap start and select network settings
  • Select Change adapter options
  • Right-tap your Internet connection and choose Properties
  • Hit the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)
  • Then, choose to Use the following DNS server addresses
  • Ensure the Preferred DNS server is
  • Enable the Alternate DNS server to
  • Tap OK
  • Now, you shall be able to use Norton Secure VPN
Norton Secure VPN Not Working -DNS Setting

Fix 5: Use Another Server

At times, the Norton VPN server may be down. In such a situation, try using another server or wait till the server gets operational.

Norton VPN Connection issues- Virtual Connection

Fix 6: Reinstall the WAN Miniport Drivers

  • Right-tap the Start icon and choose Device Manager
  • Select Network Adapters
  • Choose WAN Miniport (IKEv2) followed by Uninstall device
  • Repeat the same for WAN Miniport drivers (IP) and WAN Miniport drivers (IPv6)
  • Then, pick the Action window and tap Scan for hardware changes
  • Now try accessing Norton Secure VPN again.
Norton VPN Stopped- Reinstall WAN

In case of any issues, reach out to Norton.Com/Support.

Fix 7: Refresh the Network

To evoke this, do as follows:

  • Tap Ctrl + R, enter cmd, hit Ctrl + Shift, and select Enter
  • Now, type the following statements:

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

NETSH winsock reset catalog

NETSH int ipv4 reset reset.log

NETSH int ipv6 reset reset.log


  • Then, reboot the system and see if the Norton VPN Not Working issue is fixed or not.
Norton VPN Not Working - Referesh Netwoork

Fix 8: Examine the Root Certificates of Norton Secure VPN

  • Click Start, search for certificates navigate to Manage computer certificates
  • Access the personal folder
  • Look for SurfEasy
  • Now, if you find a lot of these certificates, remove the multiple entries.
  • For Trusted Root Certification Authorities and Intermediate Certification Authorities, repeat the above steps.
Norton VPN Not Connecting - Root Certificate

So here were the steps to fix Norton VPN Not Working issue. In case of any existing issues, feel free to contact Norton customer support.

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Frequently Ask Question:

Norton VPN is a VPN Proxy and protection suite that lets users access the internet safely. You can also read content that has geographic restrictions using a VPN.
If your Norton VPN is facing issues, the primary cause of this issue could be weak signal strength or faulty settings.
Yes, Norton VPN completely disguises your IP address while you access the internet.
The first step to resolving this issue is to check your signal strength. Once you receive adequate network strength, follow the other steps to fix this issue.
Norton 360’s firewall can hinder the VPN facility if you don’t add an exception to the firewall to let access it.
Yes, Norton 360 provides unlimited VPN during the subscription period of the number of devices.
Access Norton device security product. Visit the My Norton window, adjacent to Secure VPN, from the menu, choose Turn On.
If you wish to contact Norton, just pick up your phone and dial (830) 396-0333 Norton support number

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