How do I fix McAfee error code 1603

How do I fix McAfee error code 1603?

While installing McAfee users can face the McAfee virus scan install error 1603. This error alludes to a hindrance in the installation process or when the downloaded file is corrupt. The McAfee install failed return code: 1603 can also stem when there is some glitch in the MSI hidden files properties. These MSI hidden files are located in C drive (c:\config.msi). The consequence of this error is that it might slow down the system and the keyboard and mouse inputs will be delayed. The PC also “freezes” for a couple of seconds when the PC encounters this issue.

Users usually face McAfee agent install error 1603 during the installation process. If you are facing this issue, you can also get the message ‘the installer wizard was interrupted before McAfee endpoint security could be installed’. This blog enlists some comprehensive and efficacious methods to solve this error code.

 How to Fix McAfee VirusScan Error 1603?

Mentioned below are some steps that could be implemented to resolve the McAfee VirusScan enterprise 8.8 install error 1603.

  1. Verify Windows registry files about Error 1603. If they are damaged, it is recommended to repair them.
  2. Execute a full virus scan on your system.
  3. Remove all the junk files piling in your system by evoking a disk clean-up.
  4. Try updating the drivers on your system.
  5. Evoke the Windows System Restore option to undo any changes.
  6. Uninstall McAfee and re-install it to resolve the ‘McAfee agent install error 1603’.

All the mentioned steps require technical prowess, so in case you find any difficulty it is recommended to reach out to McAfee Customer Support. The antivirus support team comprises certified experts who can mitigate the error code 1603 of McAfee. They also have expertise in handling all kinds of problems related to McAfee.

Frequently Ask Question

Dial: (806) 542-0777 for Solution ✅ The quick way to fix McAfee error code 1603 is to update the drivers. If updating the drivers aren’t beneficial, try to uninstall the McAfee software, and re-install it.
The major issue that could prevent McAfee from installing is system incompatibility and less storage space. Ensure that the system has all prerequisites. Also, confirm that during the installation process there is a strong internet connection.


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