Fixed Malwarebytes Not Opening on Windows & MAC
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How to Fix Malwarebytes Not Opening or Responding on Windows & MAC

Malwarebytes anti-malware is one of the best and sturdy suites accessible for both Windows & Mac equipment. You can utilize Malwarebytes’ free trial for 30 days to try this application and also to ward off malicious software or files. When you save free software likes games, movies, music, etc. then you get susceptible to unwanted programs.

Fixed: Malwarebytes Not Opening on Windows 7, 8, 10 & MAC

These dubious programs can get hold of all important data without users’ permission. So installing Malwarebytes is a safe retort to safeguard your info and system. No doubt Malwarebytes is a premium application, nonetheless, users can face issues like Malwarebytes not responding. This blog will help you resolve this error.

The Malwarebytes not opening issue can stem when the suite doesn’t match the system requirements or due to the user downloading a corrupt file. At times, malware and viruses are other probable causes that hinder Malwarebytes from opening on the system.

Fix Malwarebytes not Opening Issue

This issue needs to mitigate as soon as possible. When you don’t have a security console protecting your system, hackers tend to seep into your system and cause havoc. Execute the steps given below to resolve this issue.

However, before you proceed, just keep in mind that if you find the procedure difficult or need expert guidance, reach out to Malwarebytes technical support. The experts shall assist you throughout and give solutions to your problems.

Steps to Fix Malwarebytes not Responding Error

● The first step entails turning off Malwarebyte’s real-time protection. You can do so by tapping the blue color icon present on the notification bar.
● Next, right-tap on the icon of Malwarebytes
● Choose exit to turn off Malwarebytes real-time protection
● Lastly, access Malwarebytes as administrator

Uninstall and Reinstall Malwarebytes

At times, faulty installation is the root cause of this error. The retort to this is to uninstall Malwarebytes and then reinstall it.

Steps to Uninstall Malwarebytes from Windows

● Click on the windows icon
● Navigate to control panel
● Select programs, followed by programs and features
● From the list, choose Malwarebytes
● Right-tap to uninstall it
● In the final step, restart your device

Steps to Reinstall Malwarebytes on Windows

Once you are done uninstalling the application, the next step is to reinstall it.

● Open the Official Malwarebytes Website and choose the “Download free version” link.
● Now, double-tap on the Malwarebytes
Exe file on your system.
● Choose the installation language you wish and select “OK”.
● Select the “I accept the agreement” option and click next.
● Tap Next in all the windows.
● Select the “Create a desktop icon” and “Create a quick launch icon” boxes if you wish and hit Next.
● Thereafter select “Install” to begin the installation procedure.

The aforementioned procedure shall be efficacious in resolving the Malwarebytes Not Opening issue. In case, any issues persist, reach out to antivirus customer support for immediate help. Our experts are available at all times to help you with your problems. So next time you encounter a glitch, just pick up your phone and Dial: (806) 542-0999 Malwarebytes customer service helpline phone number.

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Frequently Ask Question

The simple answer to it is yes. No matter whether you're using Malwarebytes Free or Malwarebytes Pro if you're asked to install an update, do the needful. Updates are free and replace a former version of the application with a novel version.
Yes, Malwarebytes is safe. It has an adequate antivirus scanner, real-time safety that gives multiple levels of security against malware, system defenselessness, and online dangers, and a browser extension that furnishes extra protection against phishing and dangerous websites.
You can do so by visiting the control panel on your system. From the list of programs, select the application and tap uninstall.
Yes, you can do so. You can uninstall the application from the control panel. Once it is removed, you can install the application by downloading the console from the website and following the screen commands.

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