7 Ways to Improve Your Computer Performance
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Best 7 Ways to Improve Your Computer Performance

With regular usage, computers can become slow and that is pretty common. With time, software becomes advanced and how they influence the system determines the speed of the system. Along with updating the operating system, there are some minor steps that you can adopt to enhance the performance of your system.

Also, some software detects obsolete files and removes them as well. They also pinpoint when a certain software or file is making your system sluggish.

7 Ways to Improve Your Computer Performance

Along with this, we have collated a list of 7 procedures that you can adopt to improve the functioning of your system.

1. Eradicate unnecessary software

Your system gets loaded with software that may be of no use to you but takes a toll on the working on your system. Erase them from your system by following the method

● Tap Start followed by clicking all apps
● You can witness a list of applications
● Right-click on them and select the option to remove it
● You can also navigate to programs and features to uninstall software

uninstall software

Erasing them frees up the space and enhances the working of your device.

2. Limit the applications executing on startup

Also, determine which applications execute when the system starts. You can also access the task manager

● Tap control, alt, and del
● A list of all applications shall emerge
● It also gives an account of the RAM they use
● You can select them and stop them

task manager

3. Add RAM

Windows 10 uses less RAM than earlier versions but augmenting RAM on your device is a surer way to improve performance. A lot of devices come with the feature to add RAM which can be tricky. You can easily add RAM on PCs and also take help from professionals if you face issues.

computer ram

4. Inspect for malware

Getting viruses on devices is pretty common but thanks to the latest software, detecting them is easy. You can use Windows Defender and track any viruses that may have entered. You can also utilize third-party antivirus software for the same.

virus scan

Some antiviruses are better than others but may require a lot of space. So the rule is to pick an antivirus that is effective and doesn’t hamper the performance of the system.

5. Utilize disk cleanup and defragmentation

In every system, some files are redundant. Disk cleanup lets you detect these files and remove them. To access disk cleanup

● Use the start or search button to locate it
● A quick scan will be conducted to find them
● It will erase them automatically

Disk cleanup utility depends on the RAM of any system. If there is a dearth of RAM, do increase it. Also, plan frequent defragmentation to analyze how much space is taken up.

disk cleanup

6. Use a Startup SSD

A startup solid-state drive (SSD) reduces the load of the processor when the computer starts. If you utilize a lot of tools together or use powerful applications, then an SSD is surely beneficial.

SSDs can be used in laptops as well as PCs. If there isn’t any provision of internal SSD, you can add an external one. SSD gives an extra boost and helps applications to run properly.

ssd device

There is a variety of SSD available that you can choose from depending on your budget and requirement.

7. Scan your web browser

Small steps can boost the performance of your system. Just changing the browser, you use can create a remarkable difference. If you use a browser and that has made your system sluggish, try using a different browser. Also, empty your cache memory and see if that improves the speed.

clear cache browser history

To do the same, you can visit settings in your browser and select the cache data and remove it.


If you are encountering issues while using your system, just trivial changes can create a difference. The aforementioned steps are some procedures you can adopt to improve the work. Also, if you need any further guidance, do contact (806) 542-0999 PC technical support team to fix pc issues instantly.

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