How to Fix Avast UI Failed to Load Error
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Complete Guide to Fix Avast “UI Failed to Load” Error on Windows 10, 11

Avast is one of the best internet security software instilled with numerous features that safeguard against all types of viruses and malware. Avast Antivirus is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Avast is one of the best antiviruses software across the globe. But have you ever faced the Avast Cleanup Premium or Avast Antivirus have you ever encountered “Avast UI Failed to Load Error? This is really embarrassing…” prompt while using it?

If you are facing this error, then you are at the right place. This blog provides tried and tested solutions to fix this issue.

UI Failed to Load

Why Does Avast Say UI Failed To Load?

The UI Failed to load error in Avast is triggered by a faulty Windows Services configuration. Predominantly this issue is prevalent after the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

This error hinders the whole application. This issue usually points to problems related to Windows Service Configuration. Before reaching out to, it is suggested to try fixing this issue by executing the steps mentioned below. Before you begin, ensure you access Windows as an administrator.

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How to Fix “UI Failed to Load” Error in Avast Antivirus?

You can simply execute these steps to fix the UI Failed to load error in Avast,

Product: Avast Cleanup Premium

STEP 1: To begin, access the Run dialog by clicking Windows+R keys simultaneously.

STEP 2: Type services. msc and press Enter key.

UI Failed to Load Error in Avast antivirus

STEP 3: Now navigate to the Services window and locate Remote Desktop Services.

avast ui failed to load error

STEP 4: Thereafter, enable the Startup Type to Automatic and confirm the service is running.

UI Failed to Load Error in Avast antivirus

Once done, simply restart the computer and this shall mitigate the Avast Antivirus Failed to load UI Error.

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How to Fix Avast UI Failed to Load Error?

If Method 1 fails to deliver the intended results, you can execute the steps given below.

Product: Avast Antivirus

STEP 1: Click Control Panel > Settings > Programs > Programs and Features.

ui failed to load error

STEP 2: Choose Avast, tap the Uninstall/Change icon.

STEP 3: Select Change and thereafter click Repair.

STEP 4: Thereafter, wait till Avast software repairs and completes the necessary changes.

Once the repair method is finished, restart your computer. It is also important to note that Avast Software has officially repaired the failed to load UI error in the latest versions of the program.

Complete Guide to Fix Avast Fix UI Failed to Load Error: Download Link


The aforementioned were comprehensive and efficient methods to resolve the UI Failed to Load Error on Avast. If the issue still perturbs you, simply contact Avast Customer Support to get expert supervision. We hope you found this article useful!

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Frequently Ask Questions:

Simply dial (806) 652-0555 and our Antivirus support team will help mitigate the issue. Our team consists of certified experts having the prowess to handle issues.
The common types of errors in Avast include Avast UI Failed to load, ‘Setup is already running’ error, Avast not opening, Avast blocking some websites, etc. Although various type of errors in Avast require different procedures to solve them, some common solutions to solve them include uninstalling and re-installing the Avast software or troubleshooting the Avast software.

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