How to Fix Avast UI Failed to Load Error
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Complete Guide to Fix Avast “UI Failed to Load” Error

Avast is one of the best internet security applications offering a myriad of features that provides security against all types of viruses and malware. Avast Antivirus comes in various versions for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Avast is included in the premium software across the globe. While using Avast Cleanup Premium or Avast Antivirus have you ever encountered Avast UI Failed to Load Error This is really embarrassing…”, an error prompt?

If you have experienced a similar difficulty and have been perplexed about how to overhaul it, then this article will assist you.

UI Failed to Load

Why Does Avast Say UI Failed To Load?

The UI Failed to load error in Avast is activated by an erroneous Windows Services configuration. A majority of customers encounter this issue after the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

Whenever this error emerges, it tends to terminate the whole program. This issue usually alludes to dysfunctionality in Windows Service Configuration. Before dialing the Avast Customer Service Phone Number, it is advisable to try fixing this flaw by going through the steps mentioned below. Before following the steps it is advised to login to Windows as an administrator.

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How to Fix “UI Failed to Load” Error in Avast Antivirus?

You can follow these simple steps to fix the UI Failed to load error in Avast,

Product: Avast Cleanup Premium

STEP 1: Firstly, navigate to the Run dialog by pressing the keyboard Windows+R.

STEP 2: Enter services. msc and tap Enter.

UI Failed to Load Error in Avast antivirus

STEP 3: In the Services tab, find Remote Desktop Services.

avast ui failed to load error

STEP 4: Lastly, set the Startup Type to Automatic and verify the service is running.

UI Failed to Load Error in Avast antivirus

After following the aforementioned steps, restart your computer and launch Avast. This shall overhaul the Avast Antivirus Failed to load UI error.

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How to Fix Avast UI Failed to Load Error?

Method 1 has mentioned above may have solved the Avast error on your system. However, if the error persists, then you should try this second method to fix UI Failed to Load error in Avast.

Product: Avast Antivirus

STEP 1: Visit Control Panel > Settings > Programs > Programs and Features.

ui failed to load error

STEP 2: Click Avast, select the Uninstall/Change button.

STEP 3: Choose Change and select Repair.

STEP 4: Now, halt till Avast software repairs and implement the necessary changes.

Once the repair method is finished, restart your computer. It is also important to note that Avast Software has officially repaired the failed to load UI error in the latest versions of the program.

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These two simple procedures mentioned above will help resolve the UI Failed to Load Error on Avast. If the issue continues, then you can contact Avast Customer Support Number to get better help.

How to contact Avast support?

Simply dial (806) 652-0555 and our Antivirus support team will help mitigate the issue. Our team consists of certified experts having the prowess to handle issues.

How do I fix an Avast error?

The common types of errors in Avast include Avast UI Failed to load, ‘Setup is already running’ error, Avast not opening, Avast blocking some websites, etc. Although various type of errors in Avast require different procedures to solve them, some common solutions to solve them include uninstalling and re-installing the Avast software or troubleshooting the Avast software.

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