How To Install ESET Antivirus / simple & Quick

ESET has established itself as one of the prime quality antiviruses, providing round protection against harmful malware and viruses. Having an antivirus installed in today’s time, when there is a malware attack occurring every moment, it becomes essential to install an antivirus. And if you are looking for a good and affordable antivirus, ESET is a good choice.

How TO Install ESET Antivirus

Now it is accomplished that ESET is a good antivirus, but how to install it? If you are seeking an answer to it, you are at the right place. This blog shall provide you a procedure to do the same.

How to Install ESET Antivirus on Windows?
If you use Windows and want to install ESET, then do as follows.
● Insert the ESET CD and double tap on the setup.
● In the window that appears, select Continue.
● Agree to the user end license
● Enter the activation key when asked for.w
● Tap continue.
● Choose the settings or the type of protection you want.
● Press did when the installation is complete.
● You can also enable additional security features as convenient to you.

How to Install ESET Antivirus on Mac?

● Insert the ESET disk and double-click on the setup.
● On the next screen, choose the install ESET endpoint security option.
● Peruse through the system specifications.
● Press continue and agree to the license in the next window.
● Make the installation mode as typical.
● Make the required settings in the ESET Live Grid window.
● Click continue and enter the details if prompted.
● Give them permission to the software.
● Choose the home or work option.
● Pick the platform and voila, your installation is complete.

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Steps To Activate ESET

The correct way to activate ESET is as follows:
● Open the ESET program.
● Navigate to the help and support window.
● Tap the change license option and enter the license key.
● If using the 10.x version, pick the Use a Purchased License Key and enter the license key.
● Press activate.

How to Enable Realtime Filesystem Protection In ESET?
● Double-tap on the ESET software.
● Visit the detection tab and click on Real-Time File System Protection.
● Ensure to tick the Enable Real-Time File System Protection.
● Press ok and restart the system to save the changes

The above-mentioned methods shall install and enable the ESET software. In case of any queries or ambiguity, feel free to dial our ESET Antivirus Tech support number (806) 304-3832. I hope this helps!

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