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6 Methods to Fix AVG Update Failed on Windows 10 – AVG Support

AVG has established itself as a top antivirus software. However, many users complain of AVG update fail error. If you are using an obsolete version of the antivirus, it makes your system susceptible to viruses and malware. So in this blog, we shall provide the solution to mitigate the AVG update failed error.

6 Methods to Fix AVG Update Failed Error on Windows 10

There are certain procedures you can undertake to resolve AVG update failed errors. Given below are detailed steps for the same.

Method 1: Manually Update AVG

  • Visit official website on your browser
  • Now, choose the version of the AVG and select the location you wish to save it in.
  • Then, access the console
  • Click on Options situated on the top-right side of the console
  • Pick update from directory option
  • Now, select the AVG update folder (the place where you stored it in step 2)
  • Tap ok and wait till the manual update completes. For any additional help, contact

Method 2: Repair the AVG Anti-Virus

Repairing any application is not available readily. However, the AVG update that failed to install on your system can be mitigated with this. Access My Computer and there, locate the Uninstall or Change program. Open it to witness all the applications. Select AVG, and choose the Repair option. If not, pick the Uninstall icon. The AVG uninstallation dialog box will appear. There, spot the uninstall option to repair it.

Method 3: Inspect for Malware

The AVG update fail can be a result of malware infection. Once your system is infected with malware, you might not be able to update it. So to ensure that is not the case, install a good quality malware, run it in your system and remove any infected files.

Method 4: Disable the Firewall

At times, the firewall may obstruct your antivirus update. To resolve this, access the control panel in your system and navigate to system and security. Switch off the firewall there and see if that lets you update your AVG successfully.

turn off windows firewall to fix avg update failed

Method 5: Remove Temporary Update Files

  • In your AVG, select Advanced window
  • Tap the + icon and select Manage
  • There, you can find Delete temporary update files alternative
  • Tap on that and now see if you are able to update your AVG antivirus.
remove temporary update files to fix avg update failed

Deleting temporary files is a great fix for this issue. However, if you are still facing this issue Dial: (806) 652-0222 AVG helpline number to get help.

Method 6: Reinstall AVG

  • Access the run command prompt in your system and enter appwiz.cpl to open the control panel
  • Choose the AVG suite and click uninstall
  • Tap yes to confirm and reboot your system
  • You can also install the AVG remover application to remove any remnants of the file
  • After the procedure is complete, install the latest version of the AVG antivirus

This is the last retort to your AVG update failed issue. If the above methods like reinstalling, repair, or manual update procedures don’t work, you can try out this. However, if you need any further assistance or are still facing any issues, feel free to reach out to AVG customer support for instant help.

We hope you found this article useful.

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Frequently Ask Questions:

If AVG is not getting installed in your system, it can be a result of various factors. Firewall settings or malware infection are two prevalent factors that obstruct the installation of AVG.
Yes, AVG antivirus is a trusted Antivirus console providing robust protection against viruses. It comes with several other features ensuring AVG provides holistic protection of your system.
Your AVG might not be updating due to several reasons. To resolve this issue, uninstall the antivirus software with AVG Remover, and restart Windows. You can save the AVG software from the link given above and this shall fix the issue.
The AVG installation may fail if there would be some software remnants left from previous installations. Just remove it and try to install AVG again.
If your device is has a virus, malware, or spyware, it may be hindering AVG antivirus from operating properly. Just evoke a virus scan and remove any malware to ensure your AVG operates properly.
To receive AVG customer support, just dial: (806) 652-0222 for immediate help.

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