How to Fix Windows Defender Error 577 in Windows 10
Windows Defender

How to Fix Windows Defender Error 577 in Windows 10

Windows Defender is a renowned security suite that eradicates any malware and viruses from the system. However, users have complained about facing various kinds of issues while using it. One such common issue is Error 577.

Windows Defender Error 577 is a common issue that stems due to security permissions. If this error pops, you shall witness the message “Windows cannot verify the digital signature of your file.” If you facing the same issue and want answers to how to Fix Windows Defender Error 577, you are at the right place. Just go through our detailed procedure given below and resolve your issue.

Windows Defender Error 577 error on windows 10

Reasons Behind Windows Defender Error Code 577

Before starting with the fixing process, let’s understand some of the notable causes of this error. This issue can stem due to the following reasons:

● Installation of any other antivirus software
● Corrupt system files
● Erroneous installation of Windows and .dll issues

So now let’s figure out the ways to fix Windows Defender Error 577 in windows 10.

Methods to fix Windows Defender Error 577 in Windows 10

Method 1: Remove third-party antivirus software

Any other security console-like antivirus, anti-Spyware, etc. tends to cause this issue. So the option is to remove them. For removing them

● Hit Windows key + X
● Thereafter, navigate to Control Panel => Programs => Programs and Features.
● Look for any security program, select it and choose to uninstall.
Restart your system and see if Windows Defender is fine.

If the error remains, most probably the remnants of the antivirus are still there. So look for the remaining files and remove them.

Method 2: Evoke Defender using Services

● Tap Start
● Enter ms and hit the enter key
Right-click on Windows defender service and select start

Method 3: Restore corrupt files

● Tap Windows key and X
● Navigate to the command prompt
Enter sfc /scannow and let the scan process be complete.
● If corrupt files are found but couldn’t be restored, repeat the process by entering dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / restore health
● Once it is done, close it and restart your system

Method 4: Edit the permission in the registry

Security permission issues are another factor for this error. So to fix that, you need to do as follows:

● Visit registry editor
● Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender
● Right-tap and choose permissions
● Visit the advance tab and press Add
● Click Select a principal
● In the ‘Enter the object name to select field’ prompt type user name and inspect it.
● Tap ok and save the changes

Method 5: Restart the services

Just by restarting the security center, the issue is resolved.

● Tap Windows + R and enter msc
● Right-click on the security center and choose restart.

Method 6: Create a new account

● Press Windows Key + I to access the security window
● Open accounts followed by Family & other
● There, select Add someone else to this PC.
● Choose I don’t have this person’s sign-in information
● Opt for registering without a Microsoft account
● Select the name and click next
● Once the new account is formulated, try to access using this account.

So here were our procedures to Fix Windows Defender Error 577. In case of any existing issues, you can dial: 806-542-0999 Windows defender customer support number to get instant help.

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