Norton not opening problem on windows 10
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[Solved] Norton Not Opening Problem on Windows 10

Norton not opening problem on windows 10

Norton is completely compatible with antivirus software that works well with all versions of Windows. But due to several causes including internal bugs, the Norton not opening problem on windows 10 may occur. What to do when Norton installed on Windows 10 develops problems? The easiest remedy is to utilize the built-in Norton’s Autofix. Majorly, issues with Norton arise after a partial or an erroneous installation.

The user also whined about nortonsecurity.exe software error message sprouting when they attempt to install or update the antivirus. You can employ the solution mentioned below to fix the issue

Below mentioned are the most comprehensible solutions for Norton antivirus errors on Windows 10 that users encounter.

How to Fix Norton not Opening Problem on Windows 10?

Method 1: Install the antivirus from the Norton Portal

sign in norton account
  • There, choose download Norton
download norton security
  • In the next tab, select Agree & Download
agree download norton
  • Once the file is downloaded, execute the installer
  • Follow the screen commands to install Norton

If you are unable to locate Norton in the download section, it means the console wasn’t downloaded properly. Visit the Norton Portal and download it again.

Method 2: Use the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool

  • Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. If you have the Norton Family application, remove it before downloading this console.
  • Double-tap the tool‘s icon and agree to the license terms.
norton removal tool and reinstall
  • Select Remove & Reinstall followed by Continue
remove and reinstall norton security
  • Tap restart now to finish the procedure
  • Thereafter, follow the onscreen commands to reinstall the Norton software

This tool enables you to eradicate any installation error and use Norton error-free.

Method 3: Install an Updated Variant of the Norton Product

Update Norton Security
  • Tap the Update me now icon.
  • Wait till the console is downloaded.
  • Double-tap the installer to open it.
  • Halt till the process ends. Thereafter, follow the on-screen commands to install it.

The Norton Update Center installs the AutoDetectPkg.exe which inspects the installed products and guides you about which product to install.

Common Windows Errors and Their Solutions

Error 1: Norton error: 8504, 104

Uninstall any Incompatible Security Tools:

  • Navigate to Control Panel and select Uninstall or change a program.
uninstall norton security using control panel

Update the Video Graphics Driver:

  • Visit the Device Manager and look for Display adapters
device manager
  • Right-tap on the HD graphics card and select Properties.
  • On the Driver window, search for available updates
  • If driver updates are there, download and install the latest variant of the graphics card driver.
  • Restart your system.

This error usually emerges when there is another security program. Also, obsolete graphic card drivers result in this issue. It is recommended to frequently update your drivers to eradicate these errors.

Error 2: Norton error: 3048,3

  • Open Norton.
  • Visit the Security tab and then select LiveUpdate.
  • Halt till the updates finish and tap OK.
  • Execute LiveUpdate until the prompt Your Norton product has the latest protection updates displays on the screen.
  • Restart the system.

Obsolete versions of Norton are the primary cause of this issue. If this doesn’t work, try the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. For any further assistance, reach out to our antivirus support team.

Error 3: Norton errors 8506,421 and 3039,65559

To resolve it, do as follows:

  • Execute the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool and implement the on-screen instructions to uninstall the antivirus and install it again.
  • If the above method doesn’t work, then try the Norton Power Eraser:
    • Open the NPE.exe file.
    • Select Yes or Continue and agree to the license agreement
norton eraser tool
  • Halt till the software inspects for any latest version. It shall automatically download the latest version if available
update version
  • In the Norton Power Eraser tab, choose Unwanted Application Scan and select Run Now.
    • If No Threats Found appears, tap Done.
    • If any threatful apps are displayed, select Uninstall and implement the screen commands
    • Restart the system

Error 4: Norton error 8505, 129

Check the Network proxy settings:

  • Type Internet options in the search bar and then press Enter. The Internet Options window is launched.
internet option property
  • Go to the Connections tab and select LAN settings.
internet lan connection
  • In the LAN settings box, ensure that none of the Proxy server boxes are selected.
LAN Setting Box
  • Click OK to close the window.

If the issue actually continues, look for the unwanted software that is usually installed with certain free programs you might have installed and remove those software or Contact our antivirus technical support team for the complete solution.

So these were the common solutions to various Norton not opening problems on Windows 10. In case, you need any other advice, reach out to Norton customer support. Likewise, in case you are a Norton user, go ahead and advise us in the comments section beneath what errors have you found and how could you solve them.

Frequently Ask Questions:

There are various reasons for Norton not opening problem on Windows 10. These reasons include corrupt setup files, malware problems, system requirements not met, etc. If you are facing this issue, reach out to Norton Antivirus Security number.
It could occur due to a number of causes. The easiest solution for the same is to uninstall and reinstall Norton.
The easiest solution for this issue is to utilize the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. Once you download it, follow the screen commands to resolve issues.
Sign in to your Norton Account on Windows 10. Thereafter, download and install it. When asked for the activation key, enter the key that you had received with your purchase.
Norton is better than Windows Defender in every realm — it has greater malware detection magnitude, advanced internet security protections, more features, and a lot more.
Visit the Norton Portal and from there install the latest version of Norton.

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