Fix Avast Runtime Error Code 42102
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How to Fix Avast Runtime Error Code 42102 – Avast! Antivirus Error 42102

The error number Code 42102, commonly known as Avast! Antivirus Error 42102, is a prevalent issue that appears in Avast antivirus. Avast Runtime Error Code 42102 appears when the antivirus stops while it is being executed. This error doesn’t mean the code had some flaw in general but it simply means while it was being executed, there was some issue. This error would bug you until you rectify this error.

Fix Avast Run Time Error Code 42102

Symptoms of Avast Runtime Error Code 42102 – Avast! Antivirus Error 42102:

Runtime errors pop up without any warning. This issue can emerge when you are using the program and will continue to bug until you resolve the issue. Whenever this issue appears, it might delete or create files. This is a sign of virus infection which is a cause of runtime error. Also, at times internet speed might drop which again is a cause of runtime error.

Causes of Avast Antivirus Error Code 42102:

No software is completely free from errors and the runtime errors occur when there is a glitch in writing the code. If the issue wasn’t identified and sorted while testing, it results in runtime issues. Also, incompatible programs might result in runtime errors. No matter what the cause of the issue is, the solutions to fix Avast Runtime Error Code 42102 issue are as follows.

Run Time Error Code 42102 on Avast

Solutions to Fix Avast Runtime Error Code 42102:

Fix 1: Shutting Down Incompatible Programs

Access the task manager and open the processes tab

open task manager

End all the running programs
● Check if the error goes after closing any program.
● Each time you close the program, see if the error occurs again. This will let you know which program causes the issue.
● Once you figure out which program is causing an error, you can uninstall that program.

Fix 2: Execute Disk Cleanup

First, make a backup of all your disk folders and files.
Then right-click on the drive, usually C: drive and tap disk-cleanup.

open disk cleanup

At times, low disk space results in errors, and cleaning it up can resolve this issue.

Fix 3: Update Your Antivirus Software

Virus issues resulting in runtime errors need to be resolved immediately. For doing the same, you can update your antivirus software and run a scan to remove viruses.

Fix 4: Re-Install Runtime Libraries

At times, out-of-date runtime libraries may cause issues. In such a situation, you can do as follows:
● Visit programs and features and select Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

uninstall programs

● Tap Uninstall and then restart your system
Download the latest package and see if the issue gets resolved.

So here are some solutions to fix Runtime Error Code 42102 on Avast. Try these steps and see if the problem persists. In case you require any further assistance, do reach out at (806) 652-0555 Avast antivirus support number to get instant help.

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