Common ESET Antivirus Installation Error

Common ESET Antivirus Installation Error Faced By Users

This article shall talk about the ESET common errors faced by the users during installation and the procedure to resolve them. So given below is a list of these errors and solutions regarding them.

Common ESET Antivirus Installation Error

Issue: Installation ended prematurely

This error occurs in ESET Smart Security Premium, ESET Internet Security, and ESET NOD32 Antivirus. In this error, the installation will end abruptly.

Solution : The easiest way to mitigate this issue is to uninstall it and then reinstall the ESET software to fix the issue.

Issue: Error 1603

Solution: The easiest solution to this ESET installation error is to perform a manual uninstallation.

Issue: Error Code: WIN.1620

This error code occurs when the installation process is hampered.

Solution: To resolve this error, install this software using an offline installer. Use the ESET license to activate it.

Issue: SC Error Code 11

Solution: To fix this issue, install the ESET Remote Administrator while logged in as the administrator on the server.

Issue: This product version is not intended for server operating systems.

Solution: This issue emerges when the system requirements don’t match the requirements mentioned for ESET. Ensure the requirements match and then install it.

Issue: Enter a valid Password to continue uninstallation.

Solution: For uninstallation, you would be required to feed in the valid password. Tap F5, select Access Setup, followed by the user interface and password protect settings. To continue the uninstallation process, enter the password, and it shall be done.

Issue: Product version not being compatible

Solution: To ensure this issue is resolved, uninstall the latest version of the ESET product.

Issue: The header is corrupt

Solution: This error sprouts when the .exe file is decompressed. Instead of extracting it simply double-click on the downloaded file. This shall automatically extract the files.

Issue: The program is not for 32-bit OS.

Solution: This error means the ESET product is downloaded for the wrong OS. Instead, try downloading and installing the 64-bit version.

Issue: Install error 1618

Solution: This error code stems when there is another installation or updating taking place on Windows. So, pause or let the other installation be over, and then continue with the ESET Installation.

Issue: ESET — Error 1316

Solution: This error code occurs when the .msi file is altered. So to overhaul this issue, ensure to use the .msi installation file with its original name. If the file is corrupt, then install the new .msi file from the website to get rid of this glitch.

These were some common ESET Installation errors and ways to fix them. In case you need expert advice or prowess, please reach out to us on the ESET Antivirus Customer Support Number (806) 304-3832 . I hope this helps!

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