How to cancel automatic renewal of Avast subscription
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How to Cancel Automatic Renewal of the Avast Subscription?

If your Avast antivirus exhibits a subscription prompt on your device while you use the Avast website, we are here to help you. The prompt actually serves a variety of purposes and helps users. It also cautions about some issues in Avast, including viruses, corrupted files, and Cancel Automatic Renewal of the Avast Subscription, etc. in your device. But at times the subscription messages cause troubles by warning the user and also making the screen hidden, which shall be annoying for the user. If you are facing a subscription error, you can disable it and eradicate the problem.

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Simple Steps to Cancel Automatic Renewal of Avast Subscription-

You can cancel Avast subscription by following the steps mentioned in this block. Broadly, you would need to access your Avast account and disable the setting. The detailed procedure of the same is as follows:

● Navigate to the Avast official website
● Tap on the login option
● Enter the required information including email and password
● Once done, click on the login
● Navigate to your license option
● You would witness all the licenses
● Visit the premier tab, followed by cancel auto-renewal
● Click on cancel auto-renewal to cancel the avast auto-renewal subscription.
● In the next window, select Deactivate Auto-Renewal Subscription
● Once done, your auto-renewal would be disabled.

Need further assistance?

Given above was an easy and viable procedure to cancel automatic renewal of Avast subscription. We are hopeful that executing it shall resolve your problem. However, if your issue persists or you need further assistance, Contact Avast customer service helpline number to cancel automatic renewal of Avast subscription .

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Frequently Ask Question

To check your subscriptions, access your Avast account by using your credentials and visit the subscriptions tab.
To cancel auto-renewal on Avast, you can simply log in to your account and visit the avast premier tab. There you can cancel the auto-renewal of Avast.
Avast is one of the best free antiviruses that you can surely try.
Avast Free Antivirus is one of the best free antivirus applications you can download. It's a comprehensive tool that safeguards against dangers from the internet, email, local files, peer-to-peer communication, and much more.
In your avast account, visit the payments tab. There you can file a refund request.
For that, just dial: +1 (806) 652-0555 avast customer service helpline number and receive guidance from experts.

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