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3 Steps To Fix Installation Failure AVG Error Code 0xe001f94e

Having potent antivirus software installed on your devices tends to lessen susceptibility and enhance the security of your equipment. But what if you are unable to download it due to any glitch? While installing the AVG security products including AVG Antivirus Protection, AVG Internet Security, AVG TuneUp, etc., many times the users face an AVG error code 0xe001f94e. If you are facing a similar issue, this writing will assist you to fix AVG Error code 0xe001f94e and successfully install the AVG security products.

So, what is the main reason behind the AVG error code 0xe001f94e or AVG Installation Failure? Primarily, this problem code is accelerated by the residue AVG files that were not completely eliminated from your device. Also, having another third-party antivirus software may cause a conflict between two antiviruses and the pre-installed stored software could be obstructing the installation of AVG. So, it becomes important for you to determine whether you want AVG or different antivirus software. Now, let us understand in detail the causes as well as steps for mitigating AVG error code 0xe001f94e.

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Causes of AVG Error Code 0xe001f94e

Error code 0xe001f94e is one prevalent error related to AVG PC Tuneup. Some of the reasons which may trigger the error 0xe001f94e while installing AVG on your device encompasses the following reasons:

● Corrupt AVG Software download.

● Defective Windows 10 update.

● Incomplete AVG installation.

● Corrupted Windows registry files.

● Incompatibility between two security software.

So, no matter what is the cause of the error, we have provided ways to fix this error and utilize AVG without any obstructions.

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Steps to Fix AVG Error Code 0xe001f94e | AVG Installation Failure

Step 1: Remove the traces of AVG

As this error could be primarily due to the scraps of earlier installed versions of AVG, discard them with the assistance of the AVG remover tool.
Select the accurate remover tool for your AVG product. There are two tools available: AVG Clear and AVG Remover.

If Using AVG Clear:

Is your AVG security product of version 17.0 or later? If yes, then you can fix the AVG error code 0xe001f94e with AVG clear, or else eradicate the remnant files using the AVG Remover tool.

● First, you have to install the AVG Cleaner tool from the AVG official website. Ensure you do not store it from any other unreliable source.

● Now, navigate to the downloaded file section, right-tap on it, and choose the Run as administrator option.

● If asked, hit Yes in the User Account Control console.

● Click No, when asked to execute it in the safe mode.

● Pick the products to be removed and tap the Uninstall icon. Once the tool eliminates all the AVG security products from your computer, it will urge a restart. Accept it by tapping the Restart computer icon.

● Now, navigate to Step 2.

If using AVG Remover:

For archaic versions of AVG, this console is recommended. The first step entails installing it from a trusted source.

● Right-click tap on the saved file and select the option Run as administrator.

● On the license agreement screen, hit Continue. Thereafter, the remover console will start to search your device for the AVG products installed on it.

● Next, pick the AVG product to be discarded and tap Remove.

● Once done, restart your computer.

Step 2: Eradicate the other antivirus software

If you have some other antivirus application installed on your computer and if you wish to keep AVG, you need to uninstall it from a Windows 10 computer using the instructions given below as the conflict between them might cause the AVG Error code 0xe001f94e.

● Tap the Windows button on the desktop and select the Settings option.

● In the Settings tab, choose the Apps & features option situated on the left side.

● Find the other antivirus software from the record of apps in the right panel, choose the software, and hit the Uninstall icon.

● Uninstall the app by following the on-screen instructions.

● Restart your system.

Step 3: Reinstall AVG without any glitches

● This step prods you to download the AVG security product installer from the official AVG website.

● Once you have successfully saved the installer on your system, double-tap on it and commence the installation.

● Tap Yes in the User Account Control window.

● Approve the license agreement and go on following the on-screen commands to successfully install it.

● Follow these steps to fix the AVG error code 0xe001f94e while installing.


The Avg error 0xe001f94e arises when your effort to install the AVG antivirus software is hindered. This technical problem code generally emerges due to an inadequate installation, faulty downloading, and the entry of harmful malware. Hopefully, you find this article helpful to Fix Installation Failure AVG Error code 0xe001f94e. At times, the error might still perturb you, but don’t worry. For further details contact AVG Support at +1-(806) 652-0222 (US/CA) to get assistance from experts.

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