How to Fix Avast Antivirus Activation Error 305

How to fix Avast antivirus activation error code 305

Avast has a large user base in the world. Loaded with antispam and firewall, it provides sturdy protection to the system. However, while using Avast users may face the Avast error code 305. This error emerges when there is a mismatch in the protocol or when the protocol is unverified. This article shall throw light on the Avast error 305 activation code and how to overhaul it.

The prevalent causes of error 305 Avast activation code

Some causes of the activation code Avast error are:

  • Removal of Avast files due to intrusion of malware
  • Corrupt Windows Registry
  • Corrupt Windows System Files
  • Incomplete or faulty installation of Avast

An error code prompt means your system needs attention and care at the earliest. In such a case it is advised to contact Avast support phone number.

Ways to fix Avast error 305 Activation code

Given below are some easy troubleshooting steps to fix the Avast pro activation error code 305.

Scan for malicious software

A high probability for Avast error 305 to perturb you is malware. It is advised to run a full scan and detect any such malicious threats goto resolve the activation code problem.

Update the Windows

Updating Windows can resolve any kind of software-related glitches. This is pretty easy and has a number of benefits. To update your OS simply:

  • Press the Start button.
  • In the search box, type ‘Update’, and tap Enter.
  • A dialogue box related to Windows Update shall appear.
  • Select the Install Updates button.

If there are updates it shall start automatically. If you need assistance reach out to the Avast antivirus support number.

Using Windows System Restore

This option lets you restore to default settings. To do the same,

  • Click on Start
  • In the search bar type ‘System Restore’.

Follow the screen instructions to update Windows.

If even after following the instructions, the issue continues it is advisable to contact antivirus customer support phone number (806) 304-3832. They shall guide you about the activation key Avast as well.

Common queries related to Avast activation code

How to contact Avast customer service?

To contact Avast customer service simply dial (806) 304-3832. The executives shall guide you through the entire procedure and be assured that they will surely solve your issue.

How do I get the Avast activation code?

In the confirmation email, scroll down and find the activation section. In the activation section, you shall find the Avast activation code.

How do I activate Avast for free?

Open Avast in your system, in the My License screen select the upgrade icon. Choose Avast free antivirus option.

How do I cancel my subscription to Avast?

Log in to your Avast account by visiting In the subscription window click ‘Unsubscribe’. Follow the on-screen commands to cancel the subscription.

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