How to Activate McAfee Antivirus
McAfee Antivirus

How to Activate McAfee Antivirus |

In today’s world, security and protection are key elements. And firms that help you attain that are heroes. McAfee is an organization that works in the realm of security and provides various tools to ensure users’ safety. If you have purchased McAfee Security solutions, the first step is to activate McAfee Antivirus.

Methods to Activate McAfee Antivirus

Steps to Activate McAfee Antivirus Using Activation Code are as Follows:

  • Visit
  • Type the 25 digit code which would be mentioned on the retail card
  • Thereafter, enter the email address you wish to associate your account with
  • Then tap next
  • Now follow the screen commands to successfully Install McAfee.
activate mcAfee antivirus using activation code

How to Activate McAfee Antivirus in a New Laptop

If you purchase a new laptop, ensuring its security is a top priority. McAfee is a great Antivirus that provides sturdy protection to your new device. If you wish to activate it on your laptop, the steps for the same are as follows:

  • First, you need to set up a McAfee account on your new device
  • Then in the antivirus navigate to the My Account tab
  • Now you shall be taken to the default browser to register an account
  • Set a strong password and enter your email address
  • Thereafter execute the screen commands and voila, you would have successfully setup your account
  • Now the last stage is to verify the subscription
  • For that visit, the McAfee application and select verify subscription
  • This shall take a couple of minutes and once it’s complete, you would have successfully verified it

In case you encounter any issues, reach out to Antivirus support.

How to Activate McAfee LiveSafe on PC

McAfee LiveSafe is another console that helps provide robust security to the system. It detects viruses and removes them from the device.

Steps to activate McAfee LiveSafe on PC :

  • First, download McAfee Software Install Helper Tool
  • Then, run the downloaded file.
  • You shall be asked to enter the email address so put that. If you have an existing account, you can access that.
  • Once that is done, tap Next or Start
  • Thereafter, agree to the license
  • After this is done, you can successfully access your McAfee LiveSafe on PC

How to Activate McAfee with Serial Number

McAfee comes with a 25 digit code that is known as the license key or serial number. Using that you can activate McAfee. The steps for this are:

mcafee retail card
  • Once you make a purchase you shall be provided with a 25 digit code either in the CD or a retail card.
  • To redeem that code, open
  • You shall be prompted to fill in the credentials.
  • Once you have entered your account, download the McAfee security setup file
  • If using a CD, you need to insert it and then follow the above step
  • Now access the downloaded file
  • Agree to the license and let McAfee make changes to your system
  • Then set the settings you wish to apply and tap Install
  • After this is over, set the password and reboot the system
  • This shall complete the activation process.

If you encounter any problems or need expert supervision, just contact McAfee.Com/Support.

How to Activate McAfee Endpoint Security

To enable the McAfee endpoint security, visit the McAfee menu and select the Preferences option
Visit the General tab and tap the lock icon
You shall be asked to enter the passkey so do the same
Then select Enable option and again tap the lock button to save it

How to Use McAfee Preinstall Tool

  • Download the McAfee Pre-Install tool
  • Open the exe file and follow the screen commands
  • Read the instructions and then tap ok
  • Select Ok > close once the process is over
  • Restart the system and try reinstalling the product

How to Activate McAfee Mobile Security in Android:

  • Navigate to the McAfee website and there, select My Account
  • Fill in the details and access your account
  • Thereafter, click the Subscriptions tab > Add Device
  • Choose a mobile option and this shall send a link to your phone
  • Tap it and choose device type as android and the subscription
  • Simultaneously, install the McAfee app from the Play Store
  • Once done, open it
  • Enter the 25 digit code and agree to the terms
  • Then you shall get a message stating e-mail used for your McAfee account subscription is safe, tap yes
  • Create a pin and set the email address
  • Lastly, press activate and this shall complete the process

In this post we have mentioned different ways to activate McAfee antivirus. For further help or assistance, reach out to the McAfee technical support team.

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Frequently Ask Questions:

If you wish to renew your McAfee subscription with a product key, the steps are:
  • Visit the official McAfee website and access your account with the correct user id and password.
  • Select subscriptions and click the renew option
  • Choose a payment option to complete the process.
The 25 digit code ensures the product you use is authentic. The steps to access this activation key is:
  • In your browser open the manufacturer's website
  • Select the activate icon
  • Now choose the plan you desire and type the key
  • Follow the screen instructions to successfully install it
  • Navigate to the security program and choose the three lines
  • Enter the email address and devise a strong password
  • Set some more settings and agree to the license
  • Enter the PIN for verification and tap continue followed by activating
  • Open the McAfee website and access your account
  • Choose my account followed by subscriptions
  • Click auto-renewal and disable it
  • Access your account on the McAfee website
  • Select subscriptions and pick the product you wish to renew
  • Add payment details and confirm your selection
  • Save it and close the window.

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